A Sacred Evening of Sankirtan With Raas Leela Kirtana & Vaidehi Amair

July 27, 2024

7 p.m. - 9 p.m.

Yoga Soup

Join Yoga Soup for a sacred evening of spiritual meditative music with LA-based devotional and spiritual ensemble Raas Leela Kirtana and Santa Cruz based mantra artist Vaidehi Amair.

7 – 7:30 PM Vocal awakening with Mantra workshop with Vaidehi Amair

7:30 – 9 PM Sankirtan With Raas Leela Kirtana

Vocal Awakening With Mantra Workshop:
Vocal Awakening with Mantra is a workshop dedicated to opening your voice through sacred sound. In this workshop, you learn vocal exercises to warm up your voice, expand your vocal range and to center and ground into your diaphragm so that you can chant with strength and fluidity. The sacred mantras are taught step by step: first, the meaning, then the pronunciation, followed by the beautiful unique melodies, to create a potent and charged chorus of singing voices, in the community. Walk away feeling aligned, clear, and soothed with a cleared and charged body temple.

Sankirtan With Rats Leela Kirtana:
We will facilitate an uplifting event filled with the healing vibrations of Sankirtan which is an ancient spiritual and meditative practice hailing from the sacred bhakti yoga tradition of India. As we repeat the spiritual seed-thoughts of the sacred chants and mantras with devotion and concentration we find that the mind gets interiorized and the consciousness expands thereby yielding deep healing of body, mind, and soul. This ancient art of devotional superconscious Kirtan chanting is a very efficient meditative practice that helps us to open up our heats and experience deeply meditative states by attuning our consciousness with the primordial vibratory sound of Aum.

“The sankirtans or musical gatherings are an effective form of yoga or spiritual discipline, necessitating intense concentration, absorption in the seed thought and sound. Because man himself is an expression of the Creative Word, sound exercises on him a potent and immediate effect. Great religious music of the East and West bestows joy on man because it causes a temporary vibratory awakening of one of his occult spinal centers. In those blissful moments a dim memory comes to him of his divine origin.” -Paramahansa Yogananda

A Sacred Evening of Sankirtan With Raas Leela Kirtana & Vaidehi Amair

28 Parker Way
Santa Barbara, CA 93101

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