Destination: Tango – Milonga

December 8, 2023

6:00PM - 8:00PM

Nomad Tango

Receive the incomparable Maestra Fernanda Ghi with a Tango Party at the Santa Barbara’s Tango Home, Magnetica!

Music will be provided by DJ Adrian Bray

About Fernanda Ghi:

Fernanda Ghi has been dancing from a very early age, and chose tango dance as her only form of artistic expression. She has traveled the world for more than three decades, creating, producing, and teaching, and stands out as one of the artists of the hinge generation between the tango of the 1980s and the 2000s.

Her teaching has been continuously evolving along with her personal growth, adapting the dance to each social moment without losing its essence. Fernanda maintains that tango is based on three fundamental pillars: a clear definition of the partners’ roles; a constant and active embrace; and a common axis of the dancing couple. The starting point is the music, which determines the dynamics of expression, and thus creates a “style”, but the “style” is never the starting point. A clear understanding of the mechanics ensures that no undue stress is placed on the body and each movement is a response to a partner’s movement. The Tango that Fernanda teaches is based on a deep understanding of the essence of the dance, and allows each student to find their own personal manner of expression, without losing the universal language of Tango and the culture from which it comes.

Fernanda has performed in countless shows and exhibitions, and became the World Argentine Tango Champion in 1999. Fernanda and her partner were the first non-Asian dancers ever invited to perform at the Imperial Theater in Tokyo and were the feature dancers on the PBS special “Tango Magic” with Pablo Ziegler and the Orpheus Orchestra. Fernanda has performed in concert with several Symphony Orchestras (New Mexico, Long Beach, Costa Mesa, Cincinnati) and was commissioned for the creation of a tango ballet for the Tulsa Ballet Dance Company.

In 2017 and 2018, Fernanda served as a judge at the Tango Mundial, the World Competition for Argentine Tango. Fernanda’s new performance company creates a fusion between Argentine Tango and other art forms, such as theater, visual arts, opera and other styles of dance. Fernanda is the Founder of FGDA, a Boston-based academy that trains amateur and professional dancers.

Destination: Tango – Milonga

660 Alto Drive
Santa Barbara, CA 93110

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