Explore the underwater world of the Santa Barbara Channel in our updated upstairs exhibit. Encounter a Two-spot Octopus, Moon Jellies, Giant Pacific Seahorses, a California Moray, and more. Learn about the channel’s unique habitats from rocky reefs to kelp forests and see the animals that live there.

Learn the history of endangered White Abalone and fall in love with the culturally, ecologically, and economically significant—not to mention adorable—marine snails in this group. Find out how the Sea Center is part of a big team effort to restore the species in the wild.

Model the depths of the channel using an interactive augmented reality sandbox, and find out what makes the Channel Islands unique. Watch videos about the latest climate change science and how it impacts marine life.

Dive In: Our Changing Channel

211 Stearns Wharf
Santa Barbara , 93101

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