Forest Bathing to Deepen Nature Connection

December 3, 2022

8:30AM - 10:00AM

General Public: $35.00
Garden Members: $25.00

Relax, rejuvenate and reconnect with nature and the more-than-human world by honoring the ancient human practices of nature connection.

Elena Rios will give you directions, in the form of invitations, to assist you in slowing down and observing with all of your senses. It isn’t so much about knowing all of the names of the plants, as it is about noticing which plants you feel pulled to. It is more about being “here” at the moment. As you “bathe” in the fresh air, and immune-boosting phytoncides, you may begin to notice things in a way you may not have ever noticed before. This practice has the potential to remind us of the Interconnection of all things and our relationship to the Earth.

The event ends with a ceremony of sharing tea made from locally foraged native plants and some healthy snacks. All you have to do is come and be yourself!

Forest Bathing to Deepen Nature Connection

1212 Mission Canyon Road
Santa Barbara, CA 93105-2126

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