Kokedama Workshop

June 29, 2024

1 p.m. - 3 p.m.

Casa del Herrero

Kokedama (oh-kee-dah-mah), a Japanese word that translates to “moss ball,” is the art of growing plants in a moss-covered ball of soil or other self-contained space. While there are many types of Kokedama plants, they have gained popularity in Southern California due to their unique aesthetic appeal, low maintenance needs, suitability for small spaces, and ability to thrive in our region’s climate. Plus, Kokedama are eco-friendly which makes them a favorite among plant enthusiasts and interior designers alike!

Casa del Herrero proudly host Alex Montoya-Mendez, owner of Raíz Feliz Shop in Santa Barbara, who will guide you through a hands-on Kokedama workshop in the gardens of Casa del Herrero. The workshop will include instructions and everything needed to make your very own Kokedama plant to take home!

Space is limited. Reservations are required.

Kokedama Workshop

1387 East Valley Road
Santa Barbara, CA 93108

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