Lucidity Festival: Auroras’ Light

June 28 - 30, 2024

9 a.m. - 12 a.m.

Live Oak Campground
3-Day Pass: $350.00

Year in and year out, the dreamers from across the many realms gather in the oak-speckled hills above Santa Barbara and build more than a festival, they build a city of our collective dreams. This city is an earthly reflection of a mythic place that sits in our imaginations and in our hearts, at the center of all space and time. It is a sacred crystal palace where all records are kept and where all possibilities, all creativity, and all Love is born. We know this place as The Lucid City.

This festival does its very best to build a Lucid City worthy of this special ethereal place of spirit. Music fills the air, children run together and laugh, seekers learn from elders, artists share their gifts, storytellers weave an enchanting mythos, and together we play, grow, and dream.

The Auroras, which are the namesake of our current chapter, are the rainbow bridges that connect the many realms of the Lucid Multiverse. They are simultaneously the wormholes that dreamers use to travel to and from the Lucid City, and they are the very bastions that keep the Lucid City standing in the center of the multiverse. After a long period of uncertainty, fear, and doubt, the Lucid City is calling upon the dreamers to travel upon the Auroras once again, to visit its crystalline temples and towering spires, and to remember the light of who they truly are.

Lucidity Festival: Auroras’ Light

4600 CA-154
Santa Barbara, CA 93105

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