Teach Me Tango!

July 9 - Aug. 13, 2024

5:30 p.m. - 6:30 p.m.

Recurring weekly on Tuesday

Nomad Tango
Carrillo Rec Center
Drop In: $12
Series of Six Tuesdays : $50

From Zero to Tango: Local organizers Chris & Ale team up to bring you the passion, beauty, and fun of dancing tango.

Tired of being a wallflower? Join Ale and Chris to discover Argentine Tango. This class quickly teaches the essentials, so you can confidently dance in tango locally in Santa Barbara, and in halls worldwide.

About the instructors:

Chris Peake: Originally from Manchester in the UK, Chris is a superb dancer and tango DJ. He is a pioneer in the Neo-Tango style and an expert in its music. He is a sought-after Neo-Tango DJ all over the world. He currently co-owns Studio Magnetica, where he hosts the Barbarian Practica on Thursdays, the Afternoon Tea Milonga, and the Neolonga, as well as classed including internationally acclaimed tango masters. He travels the world dancing, teaching, and DJ-ing. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from him while he is in Santa Barbara.

Alejandra Folguera: Ale is originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina. She is a promoter and organizer of Argentine Tango dance, music, and art. She is the founder of Nomad Tango, a nonprofit aimed at bringing the tango experience to Santa Barbara. Alejandra designs, promotes, and organizes various events, including the locals’ favorite Monday Practica, the Once in a New Moon Milonga, Independence Day Milonga, and La LoCA Milonga. She has also brought top international tango artists to Southern California, such as Fernanda Ghi, the Filipeli Twins, Pablo Aslan, Winnie Cheung, Hugo Satorre, Camila and Luis Lima, Tanghetto, and El Cachivache.

Teach Me Tango!

100 E Carrillo Rec Center
Santa Barbara, CA 93101

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