The Birds & the Bees and More: Pollinators

May 26 - Sept. 2, 2024

The California Nature Art Museum is excited to bring the important topic of pollinators to its gallery featuring original art by Ava Roth, Elizabeth Weber, Susan McDonnell, and Cynthia James.

The exhibition will be available to the public from March 2, 2024, through September 2, 2024.

Each artist brings a unique perspective to their pollinating subjects. For instance, artist Ava Roth works with honeybees to produce artworks using bee-created honeycombs. Susan McDonnell is producing new paintings showcasing lesser-known pollinators such as bats and butterflies. Elizabeth Weber’s photos spotlight dwindling monarch butterfly populations, aiming to encourage the planting of native species. And finally, Cynthia James is creating art that reflects the risks faced by pollinators like bees due to pesticides. 

California Nature Art Museum will also be collaborating with the Cheadle Center For Biodiversity and Ecological Restoration at UC Santa Barbara. The Cheadle Center’s contribution is focused on native bees, including high-resolution images of rare, local bees from the UCSB Natural History Collection and images of bees visiting flowers of native plants for an up-close look at their beauty and biodiversity. Cheadle Center Director, Katja Seltmann, a bee biologist, will present a performative discussion and Q&A about bee natural history that includes bees for viewing under the microscope and music. 

The Birds & the Bees and More: Pollinators

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Solvang, 93463

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