We Love Travel Advisors

Join us in celebrating National Travel Advisor Day (May 6) by sharing what you love the most.  Here are Visit Santa Barbara’s top 10 reasons:

1. Your behind-the-scenes support team

Working hard on your behalf, travel advisors are known for their ability to keep things running smoothly. Flights canceled or plans change? Travel advisors are watching every detail and are there to help so you can focus on fun.

2. They Know the Latest and Greatest

Want to know what’s new, what’s fun, what’s happening somewhere?  Just ask a travel advisor. It’s their job to be in the know and to share new opportunities with you. 

3. Delivering Value

Imagine this. After a full day of fun in Santa Barbara, you board a picture-perfect sunset sailing cruise.  Just as you step on deck, you see a delectable dinner laid out with a card saying “We hope you enjoy your cruise. Dinner is on us.”  That’s just some of the added value you can expect from travel advisors.  

4. People in the Know

Travel advisors are your one-stop-shop for all the contacts you’ll ever need. They have contacts and lots of them. They can get the refund that would take you days to get. They know who to call at the hotel to get the room you want or the seat you want on the plane. They also know the team at Visit Santa Barbara to provide insider destination tips.

5. Making Trade Shows Fun

This is our own personal perk! The team at Visit Santa Barbara loves going to trade shows with Travel Advisors because they are guaranteed to make every show fun and engaging. 

6. They’re Passionate

Not just in it for the money, you can tell travel advisors truly enjoy what they do and love their jobs. Travel has impacted their lives in a meaningful way and they are on a mission to share that experience with their clients. Their passion always shines through and clients reap the many benefits. 

7. They’ll Take Care of the Dirty Work

Travel advisors will only settle for the best, even if it means digging tirelessly to find you the best deals.  Don’t waste your time looking for deals all by yourself. Spend your efforts on making the money to pay for your vacation.  Travel advisors have their job for a reason! 

8. Humanizing Travel

While travel has become increasingly automated, we believe there’s nothing more personal than planning a vacation. From online flight booking to digital check-in at hotels, travel has lost the human connection, but travel advisors are the ones who can bring back the personal touch when it comes to trip planning. 

9. Maximize Your Budget

You scrimp and save to afford a vacation, your travel counselor will make sure your money goes as far as possible.  They are able to find special deals and bargains you may not even know about in order to help you maximize your dollar.

10. They’re Professional

Travel advisors know more than you can ever know about travel and are eager to share their knowledge.  It’s their job to know the ins and outs of travel and it’s a matter of personal pride to them that their knowledge makes travel experiences fulfilling, amazing, and memorable. 


Beth Olson

& Jocilyn Schumacher