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When it comes to choosing the right Santa Barbara hotel to stay in, your list of options doesn’t get any better than what you’ll find here.  A stay in Santa Barbara can have a variety of starting points — Spanish Colonial-style bungalow, luxury resort, contemporary hotel, or beachside camp spot. Affordable motel rooms and neighborhood inns make short stays sweet, but no matter where you choose,  it will be that much harder to leave as you settle into the groove of pure coastal California.

Families and groups find happiness in affordable, inclusive options. Couples curl up in quiet hillside hideaways overlooking iconic red-tile roofs below. Just planning on passing through? Good luck. Travelers are quickly enticed to extend their stay with more than plenty to do and an ample lineup of overnight options right at their fingertips. Pet-friendly, family-friendly, budget-friendly, planning-friendly, and activity-friendly, Santa Barbara presents you with a welcome array of places to stay.

The discovery that happens here expands well beyond daily experiences when you stumble upon your very own vista. Your visit to Santa Barbara can have a variety of starting points — all of which invite you to end your day in the perfect place, and in that sought-after SB state of mind.

Different Types of Places to Stay