Seasons in Santa Barbara

Seasons in Santa Barbara

Perhaps the most perfect thing about getting married in Santa Barbara is the weather. Over 300 days of sunshine and a remarkably mild climate mean you’ll check the weather-forecast worry at the door and revel in the romantic sunsets and blue skies that elevate this destination.

The A.C. Postel Rose Garden at Old Mission Santa Barbara. Photo Credit: Gabriela Herman

SPRING (March-May):
Blossoming Trees, Moderate Temps

Beauty is in bloom around every corner of Santa Barbara during the spring season. With average daily temperatures reaching the low-70s, it’s the ideal weather for Mother Nature to work her magic, ensuring Santa Barbara is even more visually stunning than normal. Just imagine: The smell of sweet jasmine, roses at peak bloom at the Old Mission Santa Barbara, a tree-lined State Street filled with towering jacarandas overflowing with purple blooms and pops of red, pink and fuschia bougainvillea covering every inch of stucco it can reach. No matter how you look at it, a spring wedding in Santa Barbara exudes romance. 

Insider Tip: Guests can experience the full beauty of Santa Barbara when visiting at least one of Santa Barbara’s not-so-secret parks and gardens. However, be aware that at the tail end of May, some mornings may experience “May Gray.” It may be best to plan an afternoon outing to ensure optimal sunshine. 

A couple bikes along the path near Cabrillo Blvd and East Beach. Photo Credit: Blake Bronstad

SUMMER (June-August):
Abundant Sun, Peak-Season Fun

It’s a season of bests when it comes to summer in Santa Barbara, when all of the amenities of The American Riviera® are at your fingertips. Heating up in July and August, summer temps range from the high 70s to the low 60s. If you’re planning a summer wedding, you’ll be in good company. Summer is the season for weddings and travel to Santa Barbara. We encourage your guests to book early to save on hotel rates when possible.

Insider Tip: Santa Barbara experiences what locals call “June Gloom,” where the ocean fog lingers through the morning hours. It usually burns off before an afternoon of fun in the sun, giving way to June’s more spring-like weather. 

A vineyard sprawls in Santa Barbara Wine Country. Photo Credit: Cecilia Rosell

FALL (September-November):
Warm Days, Cooler Evenings

Summer-like weather continues through the fall season and gifts travelers some of the most enchanting days of the year. Temps during this time average in the mid-70s, and who can argue with that? But just as quickly as the day warms, cool temps are sure to linger in the evenings. Pack lots of layers to maintain your perfect temperature. 

Insider Tip: For lovers of premium Santa Barbara County wine, fall marks the beginning of harvest, when area winemakers are busy transforming the season’s bounty into heaven by the glass. 

A winter sunset at Arroyo Burro Beach. Photo Credit: Elliot Hawkey

WINTER (December-February):
Gorgeous Sunsets, Open Spaces

For a season that’s guaranteed to have out-of-this-world sunsets, winter in Santa Barbara will not disappoint. Think fully lit skies with the most vibrant reds, oranges, and purples you’ve ever seen. Beyond a romantic ambiance, the winter months provide a picturesque backdrop for all the same world-class amenities to be enjoyed, without the crowds. 

While the destination does boast 300+ days of sunshine a year, if precipitation is going to happen, it’s most likely during the winter months. Winter temperatures range from highs in the mid-60s to lows in the upper-40s. 

Insider Tip: For guests who are inclined to go surfing, the winter months offer up a swell time at some of the world’s best surf spots.