7th Street and Industrial Way
Lompoc, CA

Lompoc was known as the flower seed capital of the world but that has rapidly changed as Lompoc Valley is being known as the gateway to the Sta. Rita Hills AVA.   There are many premium boutique wines being produced throughout Lompoc area, affectionately known as the “wine ghetto”.

The Lompoc wineries are defined not by what they make, but by the style of wines they make.  Nowhere is the diversity so evident whether it is old world wines or new world wines, food wines or stand-alone wines, oaked wines or unoaked wines.  The number of different options is as varied as the winemakers are different.  One thing all can agree on is the quality and passion of the Lompoc wineries is unmatched.

Lompoc Wine Ghetto

7th Street and Industrial Way
Lompoc, CA 93436

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