10 Best Breakfast Burritos in Santa Barbara

We asked a nearly impossible question—and you answered! “Where is the best breakfast burrito in Santa Barbara?” you say?  On Instagram, fans of @VisitSantaBarbara passionately told us where to get their favorite breakfast burritos, which yielded a plethora of options: from the classic egg, cheese and bacon combinations to outside-of-the-box breakfast creations that incorporate ingredients like goat cheese or nopales (cactus).

While we know there are plenty of places to snag a delicious breakfast burrito in town, read on to discover which local breakfast joints and taquerias made this list. (If you’re hungry, read at your own risk.)

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The Daily Grind

The breakfast burritos from The Daily Grind are a city-wide favorite for its dedication to the classic breakfast burrito combination of: your choice of meat (bacon, ham or sausage) with scrambled eggs, potatoes, cheddar cheese and salsa. The other two options on the menu appeal to those who think a little outside the box, complete with a vegetarian option that contains spinach, scrambled eggs, feta cheese, potatoes and salsa and a third option made with spicy chorizo.

Lito’s Mexican Food

With a whopping total of 17 different kinds of breakfast burritos on the menu made with family recipes perfected over the last 40 years, Lito’s Mexican Food is a local favorite (which happened to be featured on Guy Fieri’s “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives”) pairs eggs with nearly everything under the sun. Feel like beans for breakfast? Chorizo? Nopales? Louisiana sausage? You name it, and Lito’s has it.

Super Cucas

As the longest standing taqueria in Santa Barbara, Super Cucas’ 18 breakfast burrito options don’t skimp when it comes to creativity. High-quality ingredients are top-of-mind at this community favorite, with its breakfast menu consisting of selections like the Macho Burrito (marinated pork, jalapeno, scrambled eggs, cheese, potatoes and ranchero salsa), the Veggie Burrito (grilled onions, bell peppers, zucchini, mushrooms, scrambled eggs, cheese, potatoes and homestyle salsa) or the Cucas Burrito (scrambled eggs, guacamole, cheese and beans). 

El Sitio

El Sitio, a locally owned, authentic Mexican restaurant, offers seven colorful varieties of breakfast burritos with unique fillings such as chile relleno, beef verde, pasilla pepper and more. Each burrito is filled with beans and wrapped in a flour tortilla.

On The Alley

If you’ve never had tater tots in your breakfast burrito, On The Alley has just the cure for that. Packed with scrambled eggs, gooey cheddar cheese and your choice of potatoes or tater tots with add-ons like bacon or chorizo, this popular burrito makes for an excellent grab and go breakfast before your next Santa Barbara adventure. Conveniently located in the Santa Barbara Harbor (we’ll always say, “yes,” to breakfast with a side of fresh ocean air) and in the Camino Real Marketplace in Goleta, On The Alley’s casual atmosphere has Santa Barbara locals and visitors flocking to get their breakfast burrito fix.

Jack’s Bistro

Known for much more than just its bagels, Jack’s Bistro has an extensive list of breakfast burritos on its menu that has captured the hearts of Santa Barbara locals and visitors alike. Dig into the Green Chili Breakfast Burrito, filled with scrambled eggs, green chili, jack cheese and fresh cilantro or the veggie-packed Vegetarian Burrito, made with scrambled eggs, hummus, avocado, tomato, cucumber, red onion and lemon pepper, all wrapped in a spinach tortilla.

Rudy’s Fresh Mexican Food

Rudy’s Fresh Mexican Food, one of the most recognizable taquerias in the Santa Barbara South Coast, packs a breakfast burrito punch with its list of 10 different breakfast burritos on top of its already extensive menu offerings. With variations of all the classics, such as the #1 (chorizo, scrambled eggs, potato and cheese) or the #9 (scrambled eggs, onions, tomatoes, rice and beans), there’s a burrito for everyone on this menu.

Cajun Kitchen Café

Cajun Kitchen Café, a family-run, Santa Barbara South Coast favorite, offers a variety of breakfast burritos for every dietary preference. The three options include: a meat lover’s paradise with your choice of bacon, sausage or ham with cheddar cheese, eggs and potatoes, wrapped in a flour tortilla; one for the vegetarians with eggs, black beans, potatoes, salsa and cheddar cheese, wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla; and a vegan option with soyrizo, black beans, potatoes, salsa and avocado, wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla.


The highly rated breakfast burrito at this iconic Santa Barbara staple is raved-about for good reason: It comes with eggs, Nueske’s bacon, tomato and mixed cheese—all well-incorporated—with a colorful side of mixed potatoes and a mild and flavorful housemade salsa. With locations in Montecito, Santa Barbara and Goleta, Jeannine’s is a sit-down breakfast nook that is not to be overlooked when it comes to breakfast burritos.

Crushcakes & Café

Rooted in diversity, Crushcakes & Café is a woman-owned bakery known for its eclectic café offerings—especially its inventive breakfast burritos—and even has a devoted section on the menu to the popular breakfast food. Indulge in the Break of Day Burrito, made with scrambled eggs, cheddar and jack cheese, applewood smoked bacon, roasted peppers and housemade salsa. Its meatless options include: the Soyrizo Burrito, made with scrambled eggs, soyrizo, roasted potatoes, avocado and cheddar and jack cheese; the Lucky Goat Burrito, which contains scrambled eggs, goat cheese, peppers, mushrooms, roasted potatoes, avocados and sauteed mixed greens; and the Notorious B.A.B., made with scrambled eggs, potatoes, guacamole, arugula and melted cheddar and jack cheese.