Sunflower Program at Santa Barbara Airport

Santa Barbara Airport (SBA) is proud to participate in the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Program, a global initiative that aims to make travel more accessible and comfortable for individuals with non-visible disabilities. The Sunflower Program is a symbol of support and understanding, allowing passengers to discreetly indicate that they may need extra assistance, understanding or more time during their travel experience.

Sunflower Program at SBA

green lanyard with sunflowers on it being held at the entrance to an airport
Photo credit: Santa Barbara Airport

The Hidden Disabilities Sunflower is a simple yet powerful symbol that enables people with non-visible disabilities to access the support they need. It serves as a gentle and respectful signal for individuals to communicate their non-visible disability and express their needs to those around them.

Passengers with hidden disabilities can voluntarily choose to wear a Sunflower lanyard, sticker or wristband provided free of charge by Santa Barbara Airport. This discreet, self-identifying symbol lets airport staff and fellow travelers know that they may require extra assistance or time during their journey. Over 100 members of Santa Barbara Airport’s staff are trained to recognize the Sunflower symbol and are readily available to provide the necessary support and assistance as needed. 

Obtaining Sunflower Program materials from Santa Barbara Airport is simple: Passengers can have them delivered to their homes or pick them up at the airport. To request materials, passengers can fill out this form. Santa Barbara Airport recommends requesting these materials at least two weeks prior to traveling.

Important note: This service is not a replacement for accessibility services; customers still have to arrange necessary accommodations with the airline they are traveling with.

Other Sunflower-Friendly Airports

Santa Barbara Airport is one of over 200 airports across the world that participate in the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Program. Travelers visiting or connecting through Santa Barbara Airport can also find support at various other airports in the program, including some of Santa Barbara Airport’s direct connections:

Dallas/Fort Worth International
Denver International
Portland International
Seattle-Tacoma International

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