Yoga and Santa Barbara go together like Om and Shanti. The city’s beautiful surroundings naturally will inspire you to breathe a little deeper, move a little slower, and smile a little brighter. Spend any amount of time here, and you’ll soon note that being healthy and active is a fundamental part of the local way of life —and there’s something about being in such a gorgeous place that’ll make you want to treat yourself a little better, too.

The famous White Lotus Foundation, which sits in the hills just above town, is one of the most revered centers in the country; it’s been a yoga mecca for years, both because of its setting and the renowned instructors who teach there. And perhaps that yogic energy beaming down on the city from above explains why Santa Barbara is such a haven for studios offering classes of every stripe. Power yoga? Check. Yin yoga? Check. Flow, Ashtanga, Iyengar, Bikram? Check, check, check and check.

Greet the day with a warming sun salutation, get your strength on in a Power Yoga session, or, if you’re in need of a little post-wine-tasting detox, sweat it out in a heated class (here in wine country, you definitely won’t be the first yogi to sweat Syrah!) No matter where you’re staying, chances are there’s a studio nearby, and whether you’re a devoted yogi or yogini, or a newbie feeling inspired to inject a little Santa Barbara-style self-care into your vacation itinerary, you’ll emerge from your practice feeling relaxed, energized, inspired, and ready to take in even more of what Santa Barbara has to offer.

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Santa Barbara Beach Yoga

Santa Barbara’s premier outdoor yoga studio offering innovative yoga classes from sunrise to sunset with endless ocean views. Santa Barbara Beach Yoga has been making a splash since 2018…

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