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Santa Barbara Epic

Here on this graceful crescent of California coast, Santa Barbara elevates every experience and bathes it in golden sunshine. From morning’s first light, to a late night bite, and everything in between, Santa Barbara takes an easy overnight escape to an entirely new level.

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Top Hiking Spots

When it comes to combining the mountains and the sea, it’s tough to think of a better place in the country for hiking than Santa Barbara. Learn More.

A Perfect Beach Day

The perfect sandy oasis is a quick bike ride away in Santa Barbara. In fact, Santa Barbara has pioneered the quintessential beach town with its vibrant setting, romantic shorelines and care-free atmosphere. Learn More

Activities Along the Waterfront
Take it from a local, waterfront activities in Santa Barbara are endless and offer visitors much more than lounging along the coast.
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9 Unique Places To Stay
When visiting Santa Barbara, make your trip extra memorable by staying somewhere that’s just as unique as The American Riviera® itself.
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Drive Worthy Destination
If you’re planning on checking this iconic coastal travel experience off of your bucket list, make sure you don’t miss these Santa Barbara stops.
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Outdoor Wine Tasting

Sip premium wines safely in the fresh, open-air at these Santa Barbara wineries offering newly enhanced tasting experiences. Learn More

5-Day Family Vacation

Families traveling to Santa Barbara will find plenty to do together—from relaxing on the beach to kid-friendly offerings both inside and out. Learn More

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Endless recreation, a vibrant arts scene, stunning vistas for miles, all combined with an award-winning food & wine culture. Fall in love with Santa Barbara.
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