Breath & Movement with David Hurwith

10:45 a.m. - 11:45 a.m.

Recurring weekly on Wednesday

Yoga Soup

As we bring our attention to our breathing, our perception is transformed by what we focus on. It is a powerful choice to focus on the experience of the mind witnessing the body; to listen to the body in its language of sensation, rhythm, and quality. The time-honored practice of observing our breathing offers us a path into different parts of ourselves:

The lungs and the heart bring oxygen to every cell in the body.

The parasympathetic nervous system and the muscles and bones protect and support the function of the organs with their subtle, powerful movements.

The psyche, limbic system, and vagus nerve express their feelings in the quality of our breathing.

All of the specifics of human anatomy, kinesiology, and physiology offer metaphors to guide our consciousness in developing.

Breath & Movement with David Hurwith

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Santa Barbara, CA 93101

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