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A unique east-west transverse coastline creates the optimum geological and climate conditions that have elevated Santa Barbara wine country to one of the most notable in the world. Quaint vineyards and tasting rooms pepper the nearby hills and valleys. The easily accessible Urban Wine Trail brings the classic pours to downtown Santa Barbara with a casual tour of 20+ tasting rooms. In Santa Barbara, the wine menu is wide-ranging in both varietals and ways to enjoy them. Start here with these wine-inspired Santa Barbara travel itineraries.

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New Wine Tasting Rooms

Now, thanks to several new and reopened tasting rooms, fans of Santa Barbara County wine can discover a recent wave of exciting openings, relocations and tasting room makeovers. Learn what the buzz is all about on your next visit and add these new wineries to your touring and tasting list. But please don’t blame us if you’re tempted to join a wine club (or two)!

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Outdoor Wine Tasting Experiences

Local vintners have outdone themselves yet again with an incredible line-up of outdoor wine tasting experiences in Santa Barbara. Be they overlooking rolling hills and vineyards in wine country or prime patio perches just steps from the beach in…

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Sustainable Sipping

Sustainability matters to Santa Barbara’s wine industry. Natural forces play a huge role in the winemaking process and what influences the environment is what eventually ends up in the bottle. For many winemakers and grape growers, being…

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Where to Wine

Where to Wine in Santa Barbara The definition of “wine country” is a bit different here in Santa Barbara. Yes, you can taste to your heart’s content in gorgeous traditional countryside winery settings and walk amongst the vineyards in the…

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Choose Your Next Wine Adventure

Experiencing Santa Barbara wine country under the guidance of local experts is truly the best way to navigate the robust array of options. With Santa Barbara Wine Country Tours, you choose your wine adventure and they handle all of the planning and details, from pick-up to drop-off.

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Wine Down in Santa Barbara

If you’re looking for a vacation that offers equal parts town and country, ocean and wine—all in ultra-close proximity to each other—Santa Barbara is definitely your sweet spot. Here’s some itinerary inspiration to help you make you next trip even sweeter.

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365 Days of Wine in Santa Barbara

It’s always wine-o-clock in Santa Barbara. From the first signs of bud-break to the juicy days of harvest, Santa Barbara County promises 365 days of delicious wine a year. If you’re looking to sip the day away during your next getaway, here are some foolproof ways to do it in perfectly relaxed Santa Barbara style.

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Diversity by the Glass

As much as Santa Barbara is known for the sea, it’s our ridgeline that really sets the region apart. Rising dramatically to nearly 4,000 feet above the cityscape, the Santa Ynez Mountains are the western terminus of the Transverse Ranges, the only…

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Unique Ways to Wine

If you’re looking to elevate your sniff, swirl and sip experience to a new standard of memorable, here are a dozen anything-but-ordinary ways to wine when you’re on The American Riviera®. 

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The Urban Wine Trail

Simple math will quickly tell you that one day of tasting in Santa Barbara is simply not enough — there are more than 20+ tasting rooms to choose from — and the famed Urban Wine Trail covers two distinct downtown neighborhoods. Decide to stay the night (or two), and let your palate lead the way.

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Guide to Wine in Santa Barbara

Wine aficionados quickly realize that the wine world in Santa Barbara is multi-faceted, offering an experience that’s both urban and rural. Wine lovers will want to tack on an extra night and set off to discover why Santa Barbara’s wine country is so diverse and delectable, one world-class pour at a time.

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