Unique Santa Barbara Spa Treatments

Santa Barbara’s sun and surf go a long way toward soothing the mind, body and spirit. But for those wanting to gently kick the pampering up a few notches, these Santa Barbara spa treatments are ready with a warm embrace of essential oils, soothing body wraps and a few other ingredients that might surprise you. Read on to learn how you can indulge in unique spa experiences tailored to rejuvenate and refresh, making every moment spent a testament to relaxation.

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Float Luxury Spa

The recipe for the Ultimate Body Ritual includes bamboo and grape-seed exfoliants, papaya and pineapple oils, a green-tea-and-seaweed body mask, a coconut-milk scalp massage and several other ingredients so rich in bioflavonoids that your skin will feel like rose petals. Top that cocktail of tropical delights off with a steam canopy before you “float” into Float Luxury Spa’s leafy courtyard or snuggle up by the fireplace to bask in your post-ritual radiance.

Photo credit: Bri Bri B

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Sense, A Rosewood Spa

You know the only Forbes Five-Star spa in the area will bring something special to the massage table. Treatments on its Lost Remedies of Miramar Beach menu incorporate the healing properties of local Montecito plants and flowers. The Montecito Sage Purification therapy clears the body’s energy and calms skin with Indigenous sage; a warm wrap of sage, pine and juniper; and a massage that incorporates healing stones designed to leave your spirit “connected to the earth.”

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Palma Colectiva

Palma Colectiva’s approach to healing and rejuvenation takes a holistic turn around the wellness ballroom, sampling several curative approaches. The two-hour Palma Ritual involves circuits of your choice from the spa’s modality menu: LED therapy, massage, Reiki, facials, lymphatic drainage, acupuncture and tarot or astrology readings. The session leads off with a smoke cleansing, tea and meditation.

Photo credit: @palmacolectiva via Instagram

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The Ritz-Carlton Spa Bacara, Santa Barbara

What sounds more California than the Citrus Avocado Body Scrub? Add mineral salts and safflower oil to aid in exfoliation followed by a Swiss shower to finish things up with that tingly feeling you just can’t get at home. Extend your bliss with a dip in the spa’s adults-only pool, a few dewy minutes in the redwood sauna and a misty moment in the eucalyptus steam room before savoring your spa journey on the ocean-view rooftop terrace.

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The Spa at El Encanto

Find harmony with your partner during this spa’s Sound Bath Meditation. The tones of crystal sound bowls promote balance and healing, while gemstone and photon therapy, infrared chakra-balancing mats, and other natural remedies elevate feelings of connection. Afterward, sip detoxifying teas on the terrace, where the rhythmic movement of the ocean will further deliver on the promise of tranquil unity. Discover more sound bath experiences in Santa Barbara here. Or, opt to experience a celebrity-level skincare treatment with Linda Ross, starting with relaxation on an infrared Chakra Mat and ending with a comprehensive facial, massage and hand and foot pampering to leave you radiantly rejuvenated.

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The Salon & Spa at San Ysidro Ranch

San Ysidro Ranch’s vinotherapy is served two ways: First, a warm wrap of Mediterranean grapes’ antioxidants combined with soothing oils is applied to the whole body, followed by a Swedish or deep-tissue massage. Second, you’ll sip a glass of wine on the spa’s patio to maximize feelings of serenity. Nestled in the lavender-, bougainvillea- and olive-tree-laden hills of Montecito, the likes of Audrey Hepburn, Lucille Ball and Jackie Kennedy have inhaled the ranch’s lush aromas—and now you can, too.

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Soul Care Studio + Sauna

From elite athletes to movie stars, cold plunges are icing out many other therapies when it comes to healing overworked muscles, boosting immunity and giving your circulatory system a jumpstart. All you have to do is focus on breathing slower and deeper in the chilly waters. Soul Care’s other options include an infrared sauna, halotherapy (a dry-salt cabin) and a somadome—a private pod emitting sound and light for guided meditation.

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Majorelle at Hotel Californian

After an Atmospheric River Massage or a facial tailored to your particular skin type, make time to visit Majorelle’s Aroma Design Bar, where you’ll create a custom fragrance blend from natural essential oils and gemstones that you’ll forever associate with your refreshed, after-treatment feeling. Wear your new scent to the hotel’s craft-cocktail bar Djinn for a A Djinn By Any Other Name, its own custom blend of rose-petal-foam-topped potion of gin, Lille Blanc, St. Germain and lemon.  

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Salt Cave Santa Barbara

Home of the largest underground crystal salt cave in North America, this sanctuary’s celebration of the therapeutic uses of pink Himalayan salt is unrivaled. After a Go With the Glow Exfoliating Scrub and Swedish massage, book a cave session. Spend 45 minutes in the soft, pink light of the cave, where you’ll breathe in micro-salt particles, which are said to improve respiratory health and refresh your mind.

Photo credit: Ciro Coelho

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Spa del Mar at Hilton Santa Barbara Beachfront Resort

The Santa Barbara Salt Glow Massage at Spa del Mar will reveal your inner radiance, which, if you’re like most people, is lurking beneath a few layers of epidermis you don’t need anymore. Himalayan salts blended with rosemary and mint coax out that youthful feeling, followed by a full-body massage. Book your appointment later in the day so you can enjoy an uber-relaxed happy hour around the firepits at The Set, the Hilton’s ocean-view restaurant.

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