Wellness Shops in Santa Barbara

There’s never been greater awareness and need to optimize our wellness and invest in self-care. Here in The American Riviera®, we are all for it. Santa Barbara’s soothing essence has long attracted health and wellness gurus and those in pursuit of balance—from yogis and energy healers to nutritionists and the super soulfulness queen herself, Oprah Winfrey. That’s because all of the essential ingredients for good living can be found here. And thanks to an expanding collection of wellness boutiques, that goodness is easily accessible to you, too. Here’s a guide to 10 health and wellness retail shops within the Santa Barbara South Coast that offer a wide range of products designed to pamper, detoxify, calm, uplift, and expand mind, body, and spirit.

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Wellness Shops in Santa Barbara

Idyll Mercantile

The healing power of plants is celebrated in a visual way at Idyll Mercantile. The new houseplant and home goods shop is all about aesthetics and the healing benefits of caring for plants. Owner Hannah Bangs applies her environmental science background to expertly match customers to plants that are most likely to thrive in their homes. And she also showcases the work of complementary makers and craftswomen with an emphasis on ceramics and handcrafted talismans. Learn More

Photo Credit: @idyll.mercantile via Instagram

Paradise Found

Paradise Found is a mind and body bookstore and gift shop that’s been channeling peace, love, and good vibes since 1986. Their robust book selection is geared towards spiritual growth, personal evolution, and finding clarity and spans subjects as diverse as gardening, poetry, and shamanism. Paradise Found is always well-stocked with crystals, tarot decks, candles, and artifacts. And the shop is very well-known locally for their talented line-up of intuitive readers, astrologers, and energy healers. Intuitive readings are available in person every day at Paradise Found, as well as virtual sessions, that can be booked online. Learn More

Photo Credit: @paradisefoundsb via Instagram

Pura Luna Apothecary

Pura Luna Apothecary recently opened the doors to their new brick-and-mortar location in Downtown Santa Barbara. The shop is dedicated to “helping humans help themselves” by creating greater wholeness in their lives, be it through healing or pleasure. The team—including wife duo owners, Ashe and Christin—are incredibly knowledgeable about plants and attuning to natural cycles. The bright and breezy apothecary and salon are stocked with remedies including their own line of specially targeted teas for issues such as sleep, digestion, and postpartum blues. Discover medicinal mood-boosting chocolates, adaptogen powders, and healing tinctures alongside crystals, journals, plants, and more. Learn More

Photo by @willakveta via @puralunaapothecary on Instagram

Salt Cave Santa Barbara

Salt Cave Santa Barbara embraces the many healing powers of Himalayan salt. Their retail shop features items for home, body, and kitchen and all sorts of self-care home spa kits. From aromatic room sprays and salt-infused candles to bath soaks, body balms, and face masks, Salt offers many ways to pamper yourself. Not sure where to start? Try their signature Sole in a jar, which is considered “Nature’s Gatorade.” Just add water and the resulting mineral infusion will gently cleanse and stimulate your digestive tract while replacing electrolytes and harmonizing alkaline acid balance. Learn More

Photo Credit: @saltcavesb via Instagram

Sacred Space

Summerland’s Sacred Space is a dreamy den of transcendent global goods for self, home, and garden—their tagline is “treasures from heaven available on Earth.” Think statues of deities, meditation cushions, crystals, incense, talismans, and other ritual items. One of their specialties is creating custom outdoor pavilions for clients to create their own personal space for reflection. Owners Jack and Rose Herschorn are passionate about helping their customers on their spiritual journey, be it through spending time in their tranquil store and gardens or finding beautiful objects for home. Learn More

Photo Credit: @thesacredspaceus via Instagram

The Bookstore at The Vedanta Temple

Located in the foothills of Montecito, The Bookstore at The Vedanta Temple is dedicated to the world of spirituality with an emphasis on Eastern traditions and inspiring children’s books. Beyond books, the hidden gem of a shop carries many tools for meditation as well as statues of deities, singing bowls, and fragrant incense. Learn More

Photo Credit: @vedantasantabarbara via Instagram

Yoga Soup

A beloved yoga studio and community wellness hub, Yoga Soup is also home to a well-curated shop that embodies their mission: “to provide a safe, vibrant, serious, and light-hearted space for self-observation and transformation to occur.” In addition to premium yoga clothing and accessories, the boutique features a thoughtful selection of inspiring and mind-expanding books (fiction and non-fiction), grounding artifacts, and aromatic mists and essential oils. Their array of nourishing consumables including teas, spice mixes, and powders are sure to perk up your pantry. Learn More

Photo Credit: @yogasoup via Instagram

Cannabis Dispensaries in Santa Barbara


BEYOND / HELLO is the newest adult-use cannabis boutique in Santa Barbara and the national brand’s first California retail store. The company is passionate about cannabis education and prides itself on being ADA compliant, fully accessible, and LGBTQ+ friendly. Expect to find a wide range of cannabis products including flower, edibles, cartridges, topicals, tinctures, and pre-rolls. Learn More


Coastal is an upscale, adult-use cannabis dispensary with a lush retail location in downtown Santa Barbara. In addition to edibles, flower, and drinks, Coastal carries many healing topical products infused with THC and CBD like bath bombs and salves. You can consult the budtenders to find the right products for you, whether you’re looking to quell anxiety, elevate an experience, or heal aches and pains. Learn More

Farmacy Santa Barbara

Another premium local cannabis dispensary, Farmacy Santa Barbara is passionate about sustainably produced cannabis products that foster health, wellness, and social connection. The 21-plus boutique is driven by a “farm over pharmacy” ethos and carefully curates their selection with an emphasis on ethically-made THC and CBD products—including those with local roots such as founder Graham Farrar’s own Glass House Farms flower grown in nearby Carpinteria. Learn More