Environmental Alliance of Santa Barbara County Museums

A collective of Santa Barbara County’s leading museums and cultural institutions have joined forces to creatively explore the impacts of climate change through art, history, science and nature. Under the umbrella of the Santa Barbara County Museums Environmental Alliance, 14 local attractions will offer programming curated to inform, inspire and prompt action as part of Impact: Climate Change and the Urgency of Now, April through September 2022. Institutions as diverse as the Santa Barbara Zoo, the Art, Design & Architecture Museum at UCSB and the Wildling Museum of Art & Nature in Solvang will bring a range of disciplinary approaches to education and engagement in this inaugural effort.

Santa Barbara County has a long history of protecting natural resources and championing sustainability. In fact, Santa Barbara is considered the birthplace of the modern environmental movement in the U.S. The nation’s first Earth Day “sit in” took place here in response to a major oil spill off our shores in 1969, which also sparked the formation of several grassroots environmental organizations. Ever since, the community’s commitment to sustainability has played a major role in the region’s ethos, impacting everything from pioneering green public transportation systems and sustainable fisheries to carefully managing development and protecting wilderness areas.

The array of exhibitions and events will appeal to a broad spectrum of ages and interests and extends far beyond the community’s traditional Earth Day festivities. For example, the Santa Barbara Maritime Museum will be launching a new permanent exhibit, Whales Are Superheroes! that explores how whales help maintain the stability and health of the ocean.  MOXI, The Wolf Museum of Exploration + Innovation will challenge the next generation to put the practices of scientists and creative thinkers to work to help battle climate change with Innovating Earth, April 22 through August 21. Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History will debut The Science of Our Changing Planet, April 22 through September 30. Read on to learn more about the compelling workshops, art exhibitions, lectures, kids’ camps and other interesting happenings taking place throughout Santa Barbara County.

Environmental Alliance of Santa Barbara County Museums

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