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Why surf solo, frantically searching for an effective way to navigate through today’s complicated high-tech marketing maze? Join VSB and let us do the walking–er, Twittering, Facebooking, talking, typing, clicking and promoting–you get the picture.

Join VSB and connect with a network of professionals and other business members in a cohesive, powerful, group-marketing entity. We work for a single purpose: to promote Santa Barbara, The American Riviera┬«, as a premier global destination. We do whatever we can to entice the $2.2 billion tourism market to come to our peaceful paradise. And while they’re here, to boost your business.

As a member, you gain a host of benefits. Our marketing, sales, and public relations professionals get the word out about your business to visitors, meeting professionals, travel writers, and tour operators. Explore the firsthand experiences of current Visit Santa Barbara members through their shared testimonials.

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Please contact our Community Partnerships & Events Department at [email protected],
(805) 966-9222 ext 106

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