Member Testimonials

Discover the abundant advantages of a Visit Santa Barbara (VSB) membership through the firsthand experiences of our long-standing members. Dive into these testimonials for a sneak peek into the benefits your business can enjoy by joining VSB.



“VSB is the indispensable marketing organization for the Santa Barbara hospitality industry. They are the ones who fuel the desire to visit our extraordinary community and stay in our hotels, shop, dine and recreate. A VSB membership is an investment in both your business and our industry. I encourage you to get involved today!”

– Tom Patton, Managing Partner, Ramada by Wyndham Santa Barbara
(VSB member for over 25 years)


“I can say without a doubt that our company’s decision to become a VSB member has been one of the best decisions we’ve made since we opened our business. We have gained several key clients because of recommendations and connections through VSB, and have had amazing networking, media and sales opportunities through our membership as well. Their team takes a very personal approach in working and supporting members, which has been very helpful. It can’t be overstated how much they have helped us to promote our business over the years!”

– Melissa Hopf, Owner, Totally Cali Tours of Santa Barbara
(VSB member for over 5 years)


“Membership with VSB has been a tremendously valuable partnership, especially as a newer organization. VSB is always on top of the industry trends, and is able to amplify our brand so much more than we could on our own. I have never hesitated to renew our membership or recommend VSB to others.”

Robin Gose, Ed.D., President & CEO, MOXI, The Wolf Museum of Exploration + Innovation
(VSB member for over 5 years)


“The VSB team is so invested in the success of our amazing town and in letting its vibrancy be known to all who visit (and those of us lucky enough to call Santa Barbara home!). From the informative events they host, monthly tourism updates and media opportunities, VSB has always been and will remain such an important element of our marketing efforts. Thank you to the incredible team for your tireless work to continue to attract visitors to enjoy our incredible destination!”

– Natalie Rowe, Founder/Owner, Float Luxury Spa
(VSB member for over 10 years)


“I believe that local community partners and businesses should absolutely join VSB. I chose to join this organization for numerous reasons including local knowledge, networking power as well as the opportunity to share my business message and service offerings with the local business community.

Personally, this organization has provided me with the opportunity to build relationships with colleagues in the community and beyond. I have also been able to leverage a highly talented group of local professionals and VSB staff members for both business ideas and execution. VSB is a close-knit organization within the community, and it affords us the venue to share insights and ideas, celebrate goals and collectively advocate for the advancement of a city we all so greatly treasure.” 

– Samantha Onnen, CEO, Santa Barbara Airbus
(VSB member for over 15 years)


“Our VSB membership has proven to be one of the most useful marketing and networking channels available to us, helping us reach a broader audience, resulting in increased visibility and business growth. Their expertise and willingness to work closely with us has been instrumental in achieving our marketing goals and driving measurable results. VSB’s ability to bring regional, national and international travel trends to Santa Barbara through their various member events throughout the year provide invaluable insights, allowing us to stay ahead of the curve and adapt our businesses to cater to evolving travel preferences.

VSB truly keeps its members informed and connected to the pulse of the industry. The benefits, opportunities and support provided by Visit Santa Barbara are unparalleled, and I am grateful to be a part of this incredible organization.”

– Willie Simpson, Marketing Director, ACME Hospitality
(VSB me
mber for over 10 years)


“The support and resources provided by VSB have been essential to my businesses growth. Part of our valuable relationship lies within our own effort to participate in the myriad resources made available by VSB. We have grown the hospitality piece of our client base exponentially over the years by hosting DMO related meet-ups, showcasing at Group Sales meetings, and by attending regular Lunch & Learn sessions. The programming and benefits available to VSB members are invaluable. I would encourage anyone hoping to connect with visitor service and hospitality related clientele to not only join VSB but dive in fully to all of the solutions and business tools that come with membership.

– Anne Pazier, Owner, Santa Barbara Gift Baskets
(VSB me
mber for over 5 years)


Becoming a VSB member was a pivotal decision for our company. For years, VSB has remained a steadfast partner, offering invaluable support and insights into hospitality marketing and helping us to achieve continued growth even after 25 years in business. Through our membership, our brand has gained recognition in notable publications such as Travel + Leisure and Forbes. VSB’s digital platforms have broadened our reach, and their events have fostered key partnerships with local businesses.”

I believe VSB is an essential partner for any hospitality business in the region.”

– Michael Cohen, Owner, Santa Barbara Adventure Company
(VSB me
mber for over 20 years)