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Anyone and everyone can become an Ambassador. Congratulations to all of the businesses and individuals who have completed the program and are now i am Santa Barbara and i am SB: Go Goleta! Ambassadors!

“I spent some time last night reviewing the information you presented and kept coming back to my thought of how engaged all participants appeared to be throughout the entire time we were together. I was impressed with the variety of hospitality professionals that were in attendance. What a wonderful opportunity for you to reach all levels of hospitality representatives in the community.”

“I just want to take a moment to thank you for all of your wonderful efforts to make this such a fine event. The presentation, content, and interactive format were well thought through and well executed. We each learned a little something new and we had a great time participating. I look forward to sending more staff.”

“I like learning about SB and its historical quality and upcoming highlights. Enjoyed the fun facts and was refreshing to meet people from hotels too. Enjoy the diversity.”

“Interactive part good, presentation part was marvelous…informative…tour of course was wonderful, enlightening. Learned a lot!”