Guide to Nightlife in Santa Barbara

Photo credit: Justin Kase Conder

Santa Barbara, a city renowned for its stunning coastline and Spanish-style architecture, also boasts a vibrant and diverse nightlife that caters to every taste. Whether you’re in the mood for a relaxed evening at the theater or a night out exploring local cocktail lounges, bars and nightclubs, each of these venues offer a unique glimpse into the city’s eclectic social scene. Dive into this guide to uncover the best spots for live music, innovative drinks and unforgettable nights out in this coastal paradise.

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Bars, Lounges & Clubs

Shaker Mill

Shaker Mill, located on lower State Street, embodies a mid-century tropical  ambiance, merging the vibrant flavors of a tropical paradise with the sleek, retro charm reminiscent of 1960s Miami getaway. If you’re hungry, Shaker Mill shares a roof with the popular Broad Street Oyster Co., where you can indulge in fresh seafood while sipping a refreshing cocktail.

Photo credit: @shakermillsb via Instagram

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Joe’s Café

This unassuming State Street café is a Santa Barbara staple, offering breakfast, lunch and dinner by day and serving up stiff cocktails by night. Since 1928, Joe’s Café has beckoned locals for its American-style bacon and egg plates, mouthwatering meat cuts and good, ‘ole fashioned apple pies.

Photo credit: @joescafesb via Instagram

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EOS Lounge

Located in the heart of downtown Santa Barbara, EOS Lounge offers a unique and modern nightlife experience. This lively cocktail bar and nightclub is just a stone’s throw from the vibrant State Street, and perfectly encapsulates the essence of a Mediterranean beach club. As the sun sets, EOS transforms from a serene lounge into an energetic dance club.

Photo credit: Jay Sinclair

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James Joyce

This iconic Irish pub is a must-stop on a night out in Santa Barbara. Defined by its infamous peanut-shell-covered floors and stiff pours, there’s never a dull moment in James Joyce. It’s a place where patrons come for the drinks, and stay for the karaoke and live music.

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Pearl Social

Tucked away in the Funk Zone is one of the most trendy bars in town: Pearl Social. This popular cocktail bar combines an inventive drink menu with a welcoming, refined ambiance, offering a cocktail hour to remember. Between November and January, the bar transforms into a Christmas wonderland by the name of Miracle, where you can sip on over-the-top festive libations while listening to your favorite holiday tunes. Disclaimer: Pearl Social is temporarily closed. Please check back for updates as they become available.

Photo credit: Ali Beck

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Wildcat Lounge & Bobcat Room

Santa Barbara boasts two distinct nightlife experiences with the Wildcat Lounge and Bobcat Room. Wildcat Lounge, a vibrant nightclub that attracts locals and visitors alike, buzzes with live DJ sets and energetic crowds, perfect for an exhilarating night out. In contrast, the Bobcat Room offers a more laid-back atmosphere just next door (with a connecting entrance to Wildcat in the back of the bar), ideal for savoring craft cocktails and engaging in relaxed conversations in a more intimate setting.

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Rodeo Room

If you’re in the mood for a true western experience right here in Santa Barbara, the Rodeo Room is your ideal saloon. Located just a few blocks from West Beach, near the scenic waterfront, this cowboy-chic cocktail lounge offers elevated pub-style delicacies and an inventive selection of Old Fashioned drinks.

Photo credit: @rodeoroom via Instagram

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Test Pilot

Stepping into Test Pilot is like stepping into a dreamy tropical vacation in the middle of Santa Barbara’s vibrant Funk Zone. Grab a seat at the bar or cozy up on one of the lounge seats and with the bar’s namesake cocktail, a citrusy rum concoction.

Photo credit: Rob Tran

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The Good Lion

The Good Lion‘s moody and sophisticated ambiance makes it the ideal spot to unwind with an expertly crafted cocktail after dinner or a show in the ARTS District. With a gin- and bourbon-forward menu rotating on a weekly basis, each visit to this award-winning cocktail lounge is sure to be a one-of-a-kind reflection of Santa Barbara’s extraordinary bounty.

Photo courtesy of The Good Lion

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Live Music & Theater

rows of empty red theater seats

The New Vic

The New Vic, a modern and intimate theater, stands as a testament to contemporary performances in Santa Barbara. This dynamic venue is the go-to spot for cutting-edge theater and dance performances.

Photo credit: David Bazemore

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Santa Barbara Bowl

Santa Barbara Bowl, nestled amidst picturesque hills on the east side of Santa Barbara, offers an open-air concert experience like no other. Known for its stunning views and stellar lineups, this venue is a bucket-list destination for music lovers under the stars.

Photo credit: @killdevilfalls via Instagram

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Lobero Theatre

Lobero Theatre, steeped in history as the oldest operating theater in California, offers a charming and intimate setting for a wide range of performing arts. This venue marries historic elegance with a diverse lineup of performances, from jazz concerts to dance recitals.

Photo credit: Patrick Price

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SOhO Restaurant & Music Club

Get a read on the pulse of Santa Barbara’s music scene at SOhO Restaurant & Music Club, where an array of musical genres come to life. From local talents to touring bands, this venue is where nothing but good music and the energetic spirit of the community is celebrated year-round. SOhO not only delights with its musical lineup but also offers a dinner service, allowing you to enjoy a delicious pre-show meal.

Photo credit: @tativphotography via Instagram

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The Arlington Theatre

The Arlington Theatre, with its grand Spanish-style architecture, transports you to another era. As Santa Barbara’s largest movie theater and performance venue, it offers a majestic backdrop for film festivals and major touring acts. Every February, The Arlington Theatre serves as the home base for one of the most popular festivals in Santa Barbara: Santa Barbara International Film Festival (SBIFF). This 11-day film extravaganza highlights the year’s award-winning films and celebrates Hollywood’s shining stars.

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The Red Piano

Step into The Red Piano for a night of high-energy entertainment, where skilled pianists ignite the crowd with their tunes (often by request!). This lively spot along the most bustling part of State Street is a staple for those seeking a vibrant, music-filled evening with a side of great drinks.

Photo credit: @theredpianosb via Instagram

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Granada Theatre

Experience the grandeur of the Granada Theatre, Santa Barbara’s historic gem, showcasing world-class performances in a stunning, Spanish-inspired setting. This iconic venue is a beacon of arts and culture, hosting everything from ballets to Broadway shows.

Photo credit: Justin Kase Conder

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