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Best Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurants

Who knew that healthy and delicious could often be used in the same sentence when referring to vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Santa Barbara? From unique twists on traditionally meat-centric dishes to meals packed with nearly every local…

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24 Ways to Achieve Wellness in 2024

With each new year comes new ambitions. For many, this involves traveling to unfamiliar (or familiar) places, embracing ways to lead a holistic lifestyle and even trying out new hobbies. That’s where Santa Barbara comes in. In our coastal paradise, you can do all three.

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Mocktails in Santa Barbara

We’ve rounded up 10+ hot spots that have created thoughtful non-alcoholic drink recipes for their patrons. And if you’re in the market for local souvenirs to create zero-proof drinks at home, we’ve also included a list of makers whose shrubs and mixers make mocktail magic as well as a new local non-alcoholic wine.

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6 Unique Mindfulness Activities

Meditation and mindfulness are all about being grounded in the present moment, which also happens to be a wonderful side benefit of travel. If you’re looking for ways to enhance your wellbeing when visiting us here in Santa Barbara, we invite you…

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Wellness Shops in Santa Barbara

There’s never been greater awareness and need to optimize our wellness and invest in self-care. Here in The American Riviera®, we are all for it. Santa Barbara’s soothing essence has long attracted health and wellness gurus and those in pursuit…

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Yoga Classes

Is it time to get your Om on? There are many places to hit the mat for travelers that want to keep up their yoga practice while visiting Santa Barbara. The Santa Barbara yoga community warmly welcomes newcomers into their fold, whether you’re an…

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Sustainable Sipping

Sustainability matters to Santa Barbara’s wine industry. Natural forces play a huge role in the winemaking process and what influences the environment is what eventually ends up in the bottle. For many winemakers and grape growers, being…

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Reading Over Streaming

We challenge you to a digital detox! Rather than picking up your trusted digital device, we encourage you to instead grab a book and give your eyes a well-deserved screen break. Whether you're on vacation in Santa Barbara or spending quality time at…

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Guide to Cannabis

Santa Barbara County has become one of the leading cannabis cultivation regions in California, and visitors have a variety of new cannabis tourism offerings to explore. After the Golden State legalized adult-use cannabis in 2017, local farmers and…

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Wellness Warrior

Wellness isn’t a trend in Santa Barbara—it’s the natural way of life. So, as a visitor, nurturing your mind, body and soul becomes a pretty effortless feat as soon as you set foot on The American Riviera®. Between the wholesome,…

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Wellness Retreat in Santa Barbara

When it’s time to get centered or you’re simply in need of some soul-soothing TLC, consider a wellness weekend in Santa Barbara. Our destination is the perfect antidote to the nonstop pace of our hectic modern world. Life moves at a relaxed pace…

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Healthy Eats in Santa Barbara

Wholesome, nourishing cuisine goes hand-in-hand with the Santa Barbara lifestyle. Here’s a guide to the top 10 spots where you can nosh on health-conscious fare that will feed mind, body and soul.

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